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By tom On Thursday, March 08 th, 2018 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

Almost every refugee crisis can claim to be the worst. The truth is, they all are.  Yet the one now ungluing in Myanmar and Bangladesh has dwarfed most others, the result of sinister, racist corruption that has leveled the crisis of desperate Rohingyas into historic tragedy.


To those who are there, trying to help, they see this daily. Their pleas to help the Rohingyas are ignored regionally and not heard internationally, they lament.


Consider that for the first time in history, refugees have fled from a nation that is headed by a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize to a nation desperately poorer and perhaps even more corrupt from whence they fled.


And adding more crime to the crisis, those who hope to try to help the Rohingyas refugees are finding the path nearly impossible. In Washington DC, there are a public relations saying called “pay to play,” where one pays a tribute for good news stories; for those seeking to help the Rohingyas, they must pay a similar tribute to let them try to save these people seeking refuge.

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