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About RedSnow Ltd.

RedSnow Ltd., is a website dedicated to the art and craft of writing. More specifically, to the writing of Tom Squitieri. Tom has been a journalist for more than 30 years, spending decades overseas as a war correspondent for USA Today and various other publications. He has been on all seven continents and more than two thirds of the nations on Earth.
In addition to his journalism work, Tom has also worked and created in the public relations field for more than ten years, where he’s coached industry leaders and spokespeople in media training, how to deliver speeches, and many other areas. He has written speeches, op-eds and much more for business leaders, government personnel, ambassadors and a host of other people.
Tom’s first writing came in elementary school, on a limited run play based on the life of the Aztec Indians. His short story writing started in his eighth grade English class and in high school, he was a founder and contributor to an underground newspaper (which, in the spirit of the times, had no name but only “Pencil in Title of Your Choice”). In college, he penned a regular column in the school newspaper called “Squirrel’s Cage.”
As a cap to his mid-career, Tom developed and teaches a college course on communication and public awareness called “Your 15 Minutes: Navigating the Checkpoints of Life” at Washington and Jefferson College, in Washington, Pennsylvania.