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Welcome to RedSnow LTD.

RedSnow Ltd., is a website dedicated to the art and craft of writing. More specifically, to the writing of Tom Squitieri. Tom has been a journalist for more than 30 years, spending decades overseas as a war correspondent for USA Today and various other publications. He has been on all seven continents and more than two thirds of the nations on Earth.

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What Congress Needs is a Good Cigar

I had just found a much better word for the transition in another op-ed and was already

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Bumper Car Highways

June 26, 2013 12:08 am By Tom Squitieri The good news finally came after weeks and weeks of

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Africa’s Bloodiest War / Burundi War Toll 200,000 Since Oct. 21

USA Today December 27, 1993 Monday Final Edition BYLINE:Tom Squitieri SECTION: NEWS; Pg.

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With Little Ammo Left To Give, The U.S. Goes Edgy And Relents On Cluster Munitions

By Tom Squitieri Red Snow News WASHINGTON -- Civilian loath them and the military loves

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Caissons Stop Rolling, As Army Scrambles To Reverse, Improve Conditions That Put Arlington Horses In Jeopardy

By Tom Squitieri Red Snow News WASHINGTON — One week after the Army privately touted its steps

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Pentagon again sends land mines to Ukraine with a wink and a nod

By Tom Squitieri Red Snow News WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is upping its flow of land

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Estonia Makes It Clear: Putin Is Winning

By Tom Squitieri Red Snow News TALLINN, Estonia — There is no mystery to Estonians as to what

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Chapter One — Eastern Bosnia, February 1993

It is over the hill where he had to go. Samuel Burroughs squinted hard at the horizon and his eyes thought he saw wisps of smoke rising. His heart told him it was smoke, maybe his silent, incorrect wish. His head said they were merely dirty clouds.

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