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USA Today reporter discusses Condit-Levy relationship

By tom On Thursday, July 05 th, 2001 · no Comments · In Ads and Adds

July 5, 2001 Posted: 8:57 PM EDT (0057 GMT)

Tom Squitieri

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USA Today reporter Tom Squitieri has been reporting on missing Washington intern Chandra Levy and looking into her relationship with Rep. Gary Condit. He spoke to CNN anchor Joie Chen on Thursday about what his reporting has turned up.

CHEN: You have talked to a relative of Chandra Levy’s who said — and you aren’t even saying whether this is a he or she relative — that this person has some information that led this person to believe that Chandra Levy did have more than just a friendship with Congressman Condit.

SQUITIERI: Correct. In the story that I wrote, along with my colleague, Kevin Johnson, we detail some of the information that Chandra Levy told this relative during two visits to the relative’s home in Maryland as well as several telephone conversations.

It goes to the heart of the close relationship she told the relatives she had with Congressman Condit. This information had been turned over the police as well by the relative and others, and they have investigated it — they are investigating it. They do not brush this away from the information, and we think it’s crucial in using to determine just what the type of relationship was, and then if that is important in finding Chandra Levy.

CHEN: Chandra, apparently offered some evidence that there was more to this relationship.

SQUITIERI: Correct. One of the gifts that she said, Joie, that the congressman gave her was a gold bracelet. And during the visit to the relative’s home during Passover, which is in early April, in this very room and I can see the video on, that’s the relative’s home, she — you can see the gold bracelet there on her wrist. And at one point she told the relative that this came from Congressman Condit — this was given to her by Congressman Condit.

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