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Trump picks Clinton’s lock on the election

By tom On Thursday, September 22 nd, 2016 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

In the 1982 movie “Diner,” the character played by a young Mickey Rourke is struggling with paying off money owed to a bookie on past lost bets. He decides to place a wager on a college basketball game he believes is a sure winner as a way to clear the debt.

An adult friend of his mother learns of the dilemma and offers to have the bet called off. Rourke’s character declines the offer. “The game’s a lock,” he says. The family friend shakes his head and says, “Nothing’s a lock.”

Replace “it’s a lock” with “inevitable” and welcome to Democrats 2016.

To those many, many supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton who gloated each August day about how great the election was theirs and mocked caution, please watch this scene from “Diner.” Because as I told you then, the election is a lock in August only when the votes are cast in August. Better yet, just ask Al Gore and Tom Dewey, who led in the polls on Labor Day — and then recall President Reagan’s often used line, “I don’t see President Dewey on Mount Rushmore.”

The lock that Clinton may have held in August has been deftly picked by Republican nominee Donald Trump in a continuation of the most bizarre election that many, many people can recall. He has put together an electoral coalition unlike few in the recallable past: timid Republican presidential opponents, historic level of anger and fury at the federal government, born-again public racism and misogyny, and unprecedented distain and dislike of the major nominees.

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