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Trump and Clinton should un-rig the debates

By tom On Friday, August 19 th, 2016 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

Donald Trump has declared that the presidential election is likely to be rigged. Here is his chance to do something about it.

As Washington turns inward to begin its all-important — some might say elitist — debate as to which media superstars get to referee the fall presidential debates, GOP nominee Trump has already voiced concerns about who may be chosen. As has been one of his mantras, Trump says he only wants to be treated fairly.

So if Trump wants to truly shake up the elite milieu of political bosses, media, lobbyists and others, he should demand they un-rig the debates and eliminate the capricious rule requiring a presidential candidate to have at least 15 percent in public opinion polls to qualify for the fall debates.

There are many good reasons for Trump to do this

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