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There’s trouble in River City, and it’s spelled D-A-M

By tom On Monday, June 17 th, 2013 · no Comments · In Blog Postings

There is a village in Afghanistan by the name of Kobakai, a few winding hours from Kabul, where the lives of the residents changed because of one thing: water.

With help from outside groups such as CARE, one morning the residents of Kobakai (ko-BAH-ki) woke to find that beginning that day they would not have to walk down a two-mile hill to fetch water from a stream where their farm animals drink and defecate. That morning, there was a water pipeline that traversed from a reservoir in the surrounding mountains to four taps in the village.

To those in the village, the water had been a far-off, unreachable oasis. It was a two-hour walk up a steep incline to reach the reservoir. Much of the water would likely have spilled on the return trip. The water pipeline ended the twice-a-day ritual of women and children bringing water from the polluted stream up the hill to the village. It also meant children would have more time during the day to attend school once one finally opens. Residents already have more restful nights because they’re less apt to be stricken with diarrhea or other water-borne illnesses. Not to mention the tea tastes much better.

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