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The Story of the Golden Goose

By tom On Sunday, March 06 th, 2011 · no Comments · In Gabriella and Marco

By Gabriella Squitieri

The Golden Goose once ruled the world. She made up all of the Egyptian dances up and her sarcophagus is buried in a parking lot now.

Golden was a cheerful goose. All the people were so happy to live there. But one day, Mountain Locks erupted and guess what? The palace was right next to the volcano!

Everybody lived 400 inches way. Now Golden was not aware until she went for a swim. Golden was so scared by the volcanologist hadn’t seen her palace and had not gotten her to safety. Golden was screaming so loud that all of the towns people heard her and wondered why she was screaming.

Luckily, her palace has a lava proof wall. But just as a wave of lava came she realized she was outside the wall!!! After that wave, Golden was dead. As soon as the volcano was finished all of the towns people came to her palace and saw her dead. They were all so sad that they had a huge funeral at her favorite church and she is now a God that looks after us.

September 2009

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