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The Old Geezer returns, thank goodness

By tom On Saturday, December 29 th, 2012 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

After a few years of absence, sadly, the Old Geezer returns with all his wisdom to help me understand in my traditional end-of-year column:

There are automatic lights where my office is now.  You walk in the room, the lights come on. Then, if there is no movement for a period of time, they go out. Much more efficient – and also, like a silent guard dog, they let you know when someone has entered an otherwise empty floor.

All others were gone long ago from the office. The holiday week was in full recess, the big deal was complete and those who had to come had finished and were on their way.  I was riding what passes to be a creative streak and, in reality, was wondering about the end of this year and the specter of next.

I was not leaving just yet. I was hoping for one last visitor.

The faint sound of the elevator door opening teased.

And then the lights came on.

He walked slowly across the room, shaking his head, muttering at the technology and the glitz. I had to smile, knowing the onslaught I would soon receive.

Lights guided him, as if he were on the catwalk, to my little office overlooking the busy intersection.

He had not visited for a few years. I felt his absence deeply.

“Hello Tomaso. Still have your hair I see,” the Old Geezer said.

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