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The NATO Moment of Truth Faces the Arab League

By tom On Thursday, February 23 rd, 2012 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

It took NATO 46 years and eight months before it intervened with military force to protect innocent civilians from harm and manage a conflict on its periphery. Can we truly expect the Arab League to move any quicker in dealing with problems in its neighborhood? Probably not.

When NATO finally heeded the call from those on the ground in Bosnia who knew – KNEW – that a strong military involvement would subdue the bullies that were killing and pillaging, and that the four year war would quickly came to a tentative end? That was December 1995 and, as a semblance of peace crept back into Sarajevo, the lights came on again in time for New Year’s and what was left of the city’s vaunted symphony played a concert. Bullets were fired into the air in the spirit of celebration, not murder.

Why did it take so long, many asked? Why did so many have to die and suffer before clear, forceful action was taken?

Good questions that were never answered. And the same good questions can be asked about the Arab League and Syria. How – when — will it take care of a horrible problem in its neighborhood? Will there be four years of war in Syria, like in Bosnia? Or almost a half-century of NATO-like inaction?

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