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The Fireflies Path To The Pond

By tom On Saturday, May 30 th, 2020 · no Comments · In Poems ,Writing

The Fireflies Path to The Pond

(Twisted Vine, Fall 2019)

Wander down the path
With me
To the pond
To shed and swim

Let’s watch a few stars
Bounce off the water
Play tag with
Each other
As they laugh and splash a comet
And flounce in the moon’s smile

Watered out
We walk as we are
and find the path
Led by fireflies back to
our tent
Serenaded by the cool dirt
That chortles under our feet

Over the hill is a camper
With a lantern
And mosquito net
Not realizing
it is here, where we are,
That crickets mean
the song of nature
not a silence

The morning will crack its cold smile
It hardly seems sincere no matter
How hard it tries
Since it never can squelch that inner glow
Of the heat that passion provides
Of the fire and trust we share
that defines being alive

As always, there are embers
to help stoke the fire
Night darkens
And invites

Tonight, the tent will review
Our explorations
Tomorrow we will find
That apple tree

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