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Sometimes a cigar is just a stogie

By tom On Wednesday, July 17 th, 2013 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

This past week was one that offered sharp reminders that – under the veneer of white papers and white lies — reality can bite.

In other words – hello, why are you surprised at these “surprises.”

Let’s start with an easy one. Who is surprised that at least some elements of Pakistan’s government probably knew that bin Laden was most likely in the country and were doing nothing about it?  Anyone who ever worked in that part of the world knows factually and instinctively that bin Laden and his outfit have deep support among many tribes and many government officials. Yet that very myth is what diplomats and others would prater about.

Eventually, the United States grasped this reality. It decided to go after bin Laden and not tell Pakistan because telling Pakistan would be akin to telling bin Laden.

The cigar that was lit in triumph after the successful operation did not explode like a sideshow prank. The U.S. read the reality and acted on that reality.

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