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No Scarves. No Solution

By tom On Tuesday, March 27 th, 2012 · no Comments · In Blog Postings

The world has found a way to strike back at Syrian President Bashar Assad: they have slapped travel sanctions on his London-born wife, Asma, to thwart her addiction to luxury shopping.

One year into Assad’s churning assault against various opposition groups, stopping his wife from shoping in Europe is one of the few things the EU was able to agree upon.

Assad already had travel and other sanctions placed on him since last May but he really was not planning to go anywhere. Some suggest that is part of the problem — he won’t leave. Now his mother and sister also face travel bans.

But for Asma, that may mean an end to her buying the Chanel dresses and Louboutin shoes she apparently craves, at least according to hacked emails that were made public.

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