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Mayhem from heaven

By tom On Thursday, December 27 th, 2012 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

It was only two months since the fighting ignited in Bosnia. Scary but not yet out of control. But food was already getting tight so the spring air – and rumors of bread available – brought the citizens of Sarajevo out to the market for a hastily formed bread line.

That was May 27, 1992, when the bread was available – and so was the opportunity for slaughter. The bread arrived and then the mortar shells arrived. When the attack ended, 16 were dead. It shocked the city and much of the world – although the world did nothing at the time.

Last week, 20 years and almost seven months to the exact day, hundreds of Syrians were in line for bread outside of a factory in Halfaya when mayhem again came from the sky. Syrian air strikes killed dozens, perhaps more, at the only functioning bakery in the region.

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