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John Kerry soldiers on

By tom On Saturday, July 06 th, 2013 · no Comments · In Blog Postings

The first time I wrote a story about John Kerry, in 1986, he got very angry. So did his press person. It was, to paraphrase Richard Blaine, the start of a beautiful professional friendship.

It has now been almost three decades since that story and the professional relationship took off, grew strong and beneficial to both of us. Kerry never was going anywhere but forward in his insistence of following political leads, attacking challenges, dealing with issues, and being unrelenting and untiring in attempting to shed light on thorny problems.  There were many men and women like Kerry on Capitol Hill — elected and not elected — who “off camera” toiled and tried to make a difference. Often they did.

It is funny to joke about Kerry being “off camera” because for years he was often referred to as a “live shot” — one of those folks who had a knack, an eye and a desire for publicity. Probably true. Yet that was part of what made him tick, to call attention to his work, to put himself on the line.

To read the entire report please go here:

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