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I Will Be There

By tom On Saturday, May 30 th, 2020 · no Comments · In Poems ,Writing

if you sit some day
when the sun is out
and the virus is gone,
will find you
buy you coffee,
read for you
and create a poem
right there.
I promise

the Bosnia bullets that
smacked my arm
the Haitian feet
that kicked me silly

Did not finish the job
On me

No way

So now
Even in this unknown
I remember
Who I was to be
For me
And am eager to be
for you

Give me your worried eyes
Your trembling mind
Your free-fall of fear
My hand will hold
All of you
And lead you
Back to where
I have already returned

One day
When the sun says
She is back
Close your eyes
Smell the air
Pull out another chair
And when you
Open your eyes
I will be there

We will laugh
And laugh again
And I will read my
Heart to you
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