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How I Got My Second Dog

By tom On Wednesday, April 13 th, 2011 · no Comments · In Gabriella and Marco

By Gabriella Squitieri

I have two dogs now but I used to only have one dog this is my story on how I got my second dog.  It was an exciting night at the Italian Embassy.  There were all these fancy people and me.  I stood out, even from my family.  My dad and brother were wearing tuxes and I, well I, was wearing a shirt-dress and my high hightops.  My mom could not come because it was too expensive .

Topsie was in the show, but she did not like it.  However, she did pose.

Batman was backstage with an “adopt me” jacket on.  It was the smallest one they made and it was baggy on him!  He was so skinny because he had been malnourished when he was tiny.

When we got home, we told my mom about Batman and she was saying “Well, we already have one dog and you guys don’t do much for the dog we have!” Well, we convinced her otherwise!

The next day at school, I told all my friends about the night before and about Batman.

When I got home, my Dad said that we could fill out the adoption form!!!  I was happy that we would be one step closer to getting Batman!!!!

A couple days later, we came home.  It was me my Mom, Dad, Marco, Molly, and Georgia. We were playing on the computer when my Dad’s phone rang downstairs.  My Dad answered it and called my name.  I came downstairs and said “hello?”

The woman on the other end said “Hello, is this Gabriella?”


“Well,  I just wanted to ask if you wanted to adopt Batman?”

Well, I lost it but I kept my cool and said “yes.”

The woman said “ok” and asked to talk to my Dad.

As soon as I gave the phone back to my Dad, I lost it and screamed all the way up the stairs. Molly and Georgia asked what had happened and once I told them about Batman we all started jumping up and down.

I was so happy so,so happy.

The next day at school, I told all my friends that I was getting Batman! They were all excited for me.

A couple of days later, I went to Elisha’s house and Molly was there to. We were going to have a picnic at Fletcher’s Boat House when Elisha’s mom got a phone call and said it was my mom. My mom said told me that Marco and my dad where going to pick up Batman!!

Well I was surprised so I asked Elisha’s mom if I could call my dad and she said yes.

I called my dad and he said that he could come and pick me up. I asked him if Elisha and Molly could come but he said no.

When we got there, we saw Batman and I got to hold him! He was so cute!

On the way home, we got him a bigger collar because we got him a collar that was too small the first time.

When we got home, we put down the little bed we got him (we got him two beds on for his crate and one for anywhere.)

He played in his bed. I called Audrey and she came over for a sleepover with Batman and me.

A little later Elisha and Molly came over to but they didn’t stay long.

My life is now complete now that I have the two must loveably dogs in the world.

The End

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