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Here, There, Every Hare

By tom On Saturday, April 27 th, 2019 · no Comments · In Poems ,Writing

Here, There, Every Hare

The ears rise and the nose turns
It’s out there somewhere

Paws forward
Body still
As the last sun tweaks the visage
The sky spilling its paints once more
To keep us interested until tomorrow

Still in the grass
The hare at dusk

He knows we are there.
He believes if still enough
We will pass
And he will continue
To be one with the tasty grass

Ears rise on the hopeful dog
Ears already risen on the wary hare

A tableau of night, with an
Unending run of show
Ears here, always hopeful
Ears there, still as the moment

One step two step
Stillness shattered
Crack in fence always appears
Ears all around remain ready
In escape, in waiting for tomorrow

(Published by The Griffin’s Inkspot, April 2019)

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