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Get Ready for President Lugar

By tom On Wednesday, June 08 th, 2016 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

Since the media’s dream of a brokered Republican presidential convention has turned to fizz, the possibilities of additional arias in the presidential opera are dwindling as the curtain begins to close on the spring season.

The Libertarian Party — in a contested presidential convention the media once projected for Republicans — took two ballots to select former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, their 2012 nominee, to head this year’s ticket. Two ballots were also required to choose former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld as the vice presidential nominee.

Given the experience of the two former Republicans governors, and the chaotic, fluid, temperamental, volcanic state of the presidential drama this year, the Libertarians are poised for their best showing ever. Autumn acts will soothsay their possible macro impact.

Nominees have also been picked for the Constitution Party, whose members in April nominated Darrell Castle, an activist and attorney from Memphis, Tenn., as their presidential candidate. Scott Bradley, a university administrator from Utah, is his running mate.

Here is why those overtures matter. Read more

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