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Coming Back From Love 30

By tom On Friday, July 05 th, 2013 · no Comments · In News stories

There is an extra amount of determination on the courts of the Junior Tennis Championship Center this day. As the tennis students battle hot sun, humidity and the dust of the red clay courts, their energy is connected to the grass of Wimbledon some 3,657 miles away — as the tennis ball flies.

On that grass it is a good day for the JTCC as Denis Kudla – who trained here for eight years — is winning his first match at Wimbledon.

When you start out Love-30, so to speak, against the established tennis facilities around the world in training young individuals to seize their love of tennis, getting to Wimbledon is a great achievement. Kudla is a visible example of how the JTCC –, mixing fun, fortitude and focus – has turned it around on their courts, as well as in the non-Wimbledon grass strewn, concrete cracked courts of inner cities.

“We started 30 years behind the Europeans in training techniques. We are changing the score, said Marco Impeduglia, program manager at JTCC. “That, to us, is tennis.”

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