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Batman’s Lament

By tom On Sunday, August 21 st, 2016 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

Batman’s lament
© 2016/TomSquitieri

This is her room
I know her bed
She has to come
and pet my head

This is her room
I know her rug
She likes when I sleep here
and I wait for her hugs

This is her room
I know her smell
Why isn’t she here?
It makes me unwell

The door is shut
don’t keep me away
make her come back
and please make her stay

Ouch, my head bumped
her door is shut tight
please Tom open it
make things just right

I was skinny and dying
when she saw me and smiled
no one had cared for me
in such a long while

She wrote a story about me
and loved me so much
Why isn’t she here?
with her smile and her touch

She has to come
I am her dog
She saved my life
she ended the fog

This her room
To the left, down the hallway
Even if she forgets about me
I will guard it always

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