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As we thought. Not.

By tom On Saturday, June 16 th, 2012 · no Comments · In Blog Postings

We are now deep into year two of the Arab world convulsions. Not one country across the North African-Middle East arc is settled. Even where it sounds quiet it is not.

Two years from the first cry of freedom, very few things are how the outside world predicted.

As Egyptians vote for their president in the first free election in that country’s history, who would have predicted Libya would appear more normal and representative and that Egypt would be more wild, unruly and sad. People would have scoffed.

Algerians rejected more strident Islam at the polls. Tunisia is testing its new democracy every day. Morocco seems to be successful in staying away from the limelight. Lebanon is churning again thanks to the brutality of Syria’s civil war and genocide next door.

Nothing is as predicted.

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