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‘A Godsend to the GOP’

By tom On Thursday, April 14 th, 2011 · no Comments · In Magazines

Puerto Rico’s Luis Fortuno heads a new breed of Republicans governors—charismatic thought leaders who know how to the get the job done.

By Tom Squitieri

Governors are hot properties in the Republican Party these days, and none more so than Luis Fortuno.

The governor of Puerto Rico exemplifies Republican philosophy. And he gradually has become the toast of pundits and political scientists, who say Fortuno is precisely what the GOP needs to grow.

Just one year into his term as governor of the U.S. territory, Fortuno has attacked an enormous budget deficit without raising taxes. He has come down unequivocally for party unity, even while turning down the rhetoric. And he offers he GOP an opportunity to score an unprecedented political triumph in the eyes of minority voters across America with a vote on Puerto Rico’s future as a U.S. state.

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