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WASHINGTON — Top Pentagon officials dogmatically decline to speculate about any future operation, maneuver, deployment or weapons system when asked a question by a reporter. That is, unless it is about the Boston Red Sox.

Boldly going where few generals trod, Gen. James McConville says the Red Sox are a lock to win the World Series this year because of a secret Pentagon weapon that has superseded the Curse of the Bambino and any other jinx the uber-superstitious Red Sox fans may fret about.

That weapon would be McConville, Gen. Mark Milley and Gen. Joe Dunford — all Massachusetts natives and three top brass — being deployed to the same location at the same time. Each time that happens, the Red Sox win the World Series.

“The last time we were in the same location (Afghanistan), the Red Sox won (in 2013),” McConville said Friday. “The time before that, when we were in Iraq (in 2004), they won again.”

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