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Yes, I Know How to Dance

By tom On Tuesday, July 25 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

Yes, I Know How to Dance — July 25
© 2017/TomSquitieri

One day you will say yes
and I will lead you to the floor
the music will start
the world will seem no more

Your eyes will close and your feet will open
As my arms and the music talk to your body’s sound
We become one with the music and the magical flow
Our gliding, our heartbeats quickly found

Everything around becomes light and there is no more today
Tomorrow says hello; the music succumbs to our words and dreams
The dark falls away, yielding to the sun
The sun slowly rising, catching up to us and our schemes

We dance through gardens and rain, tasting wine and mozzarella
The insatiable machinery in us makes me demand
I touch you in new ways, melding the old and the new
And always, always, always I tightly hold your hand

Great tastes come to our mouths, the smells become the music
We dance on in a waltz and glide
Legs loose and free, open to the next steps
All senses have joined in the ride

The rain of life has paused
The creativity of our minds construct the day
We control our steps as much as we can
We make sure we have all the dance and play

We twirl all night, why stop the music
with vision, target ready and lots of love, energy and glee.
We are hearing the first true bird songs of the morning, with the pause in the rain.
On the floor we glance at each other, glad we are we.