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To Dreams That Come True

By tom On Monday, August 07 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

To Dreams That Come True — August 7, 2017
© 2017/TomSquitieri

These are waiting for you
the purple roses of my heart
A soft heat of passion that is incandescent
and that is just the start

You roused me,, opened the door, smiled your invitation and then vanished.
I am full for you now, in heart and soul, love and laughter, desire and dance…..

Look at me and see the love that can be real
The music in my heart plays and I am in a trance

She says she never vanished. “I promised to touch your soul. I never said it would be painless,” she said, and that was what came.

Indeed, it is deeply penetrating and wonderfully enrapturing
now I am yours, fleeting and permanent simultaneously. that darkness and its light, this moment. see me.
Our love and our explosions, and our heat created this world of ours
despite the mountains and the seas.

Ah my love, I write poems thinking of you, and the dances in my mind are love in each other’s arms
Let me come and thrill you and please you and make you smile like never before
My heart sings to you. I know there is much dissonance in your life, but this is a sweet song
Know it may seem odd but my instincts say yes, to this woman, and you have a unique chorus.

There is always a moment of calm and of sunshine,
in which you see the rays through the clouds that point to me
That’s better than the rainbow, more heavenly and magical
to radiate and embrace, envelop, enjoy

I long to have one day and night and then morning to pamper you
the flowers and herbs that are me are waiting for you
And then you will know, finally and with no doubt
My love is the path to dreams that come true