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The Series Continues

By tom On Wednesday, October 25 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

The Series Continues, Oct. 21, 2017

© 2017/TomSquitieri


It’s two hours until cocktails, and we barely can wait

the gimlets will be perfectly spicey

but we are enthralled in just looking and smiling

our love together no longer dicey


We have thrown away the calendar

We decide which season is here

For this love has rode through ups and downs

And now we have nothing to fear


Two nights ago I dreamed of us dancing

under small pretty twinkling star white lights

Oh so swell was this celestrial romancing

The darkness shouted “so perfect and right!!”


When you leave I will consult with the stars

To find ways to make you smile

For they see all from their lofty perch

And know you should stay here a while


Were the stars ever this bold and bright?

Nay, never in his whole life, not even in his dreams of renew

The cold wind, bright stars, ancient sounds he so clearly hears

Talking just to him, telling he is right about you


From Jupiter and Pluto, the bass sings be big and brave

From Mars and Neptune comes baritone of red with passion and to sing

From Uranus and Venus, they soprano tones of beauty and love

And from Saturn melodes the perfect ring


The wind is the maestro, from these sounds of the Gods

With Orion setting the score by Betelgeuse’s trombone cadance

The flute of Arcturus, the cello of Vega

All illuminated by the purr of Spica’s radiance


Antares’ oboe as to how true your eyes see

And Rigel’s bassoon chortles about your mirth

It’s Pollux whose French horn croons what your heart needs

And all the galaxies score how our love has found birth


The star winds say to pull you onto my lap

For often that’s the best way to kiss

They say hold you tight and hold you dear

And insist not a spot shall my lips dare miss


My love, the morning sings our song of joy

and the sun asks our smiles how to spread happiness

Like the way those rays do warm our skin

My love is your warmth of caress


I wake up, as I did today

Ravenous to taste your tummy and beyond

to see you respond and guide me anew

Knowing how I crave what I finally have found


I wake up thinking of how your arm will feel casually on my chest

or me examining your neck as my lips draw close

tracing my fingers on your back and your feet

my eyes, not words, being verbose


Toe to toe, smile to smile, sip to sip

we are fully stocked with the food of life

we are that wicked couple that held hands.

then dances off through the corn field to their world of no strife


Yes, that day when I can hold your hand anywhere and kiss you in public

and not be pushed away

That day is one with the sun and moon a couple finally

And meteors always lighting their way


I hold your gaze for etermity

As that endless summer of fun so clever

Morphs like a butterfly into an endless beauty of grace, love and joy

For stars crescendo as this series continues forever


You may drive away today

To the place you now call home

Yet we both know how hollow any place “not here” is for you

In a heart no longer needing to roam


The two hours have clicked

And the next drinks in the series are here

Two unique, tasty drinks, together in spirit

Two lovers together, with nothing to fear