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The Eyes Flutter and Focus

By tom On Thursday, August 03 rd, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

The Eyes Flutter and Focus — August 3, 2017
© 2017/TomSquitieri

Your eyes flutter open and there is that moment of unsure
and then you focus and see
The night was real, the morning breeze fair
your smile begins with me

Another gorgeous morning calls your name
the wilder elixir of the darkness now at rest
you close you eyes, then open then again
as your move much closer to my chest

It’s the dawn and dusk where my hand will take you,
Where even you may see new things.
Another gorgeous morning reminds me to call your name
of stunning skies, memorable sighs, eternal rings

You feel an uncontrollable urge to rise up in the morning
Eager to feel the softly tickling of the neck
When my touch makes your feel like a rolling morning mist that slowly moves beyond the fields
You submit happily to my call and beck

This is a woman to drive poets insane over the tiniest thought,
of the way she moves with such unrelenting grace
Eyes flutter again, yes you are really here
It is the time and the place.

The tingle is spreading like a forest fire
All masks have been thrown away
Now all that is looking are eyes and the soul
You make it clear that you wish to stay

I have become drunken from your eyes and I must drink from you
To take a sip of the best morning coffee to start
Because I know that this coffee rushing inside quietly
Makes me feel the drumming from her heart.

Eyes flutter open and focus
smiles in rhapsody, then lightly kiss.. and then kiss a little more
you just want to wake up again and again
And live the definition of amore….