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T is for teeshirt and Tom

By tom On Wednesday, September 13 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

T is for teeshirt and Tom — September 13
© 2017/TomSquitieri

Summer never really ends,
the weather just cools down
so now just now take a tee shirt of mine
to wear when you are around

it’s all you need, at most, with me
to keep you warm at night
for if you chill, see goose bumps rising
come here, I’ll hold you tight.

I have many, many many to chose from
all sizes, shapes and colors
choose any one and it is yours
like me, you’ll need no others

If your feet get cold
stick them under my knees
It’s cuddly, snugly and toasty there
and there is no breeze

If your legs get cold
just wrap them around mine
no adjustment is needed
they fit just fine

If your bum gets chilly, just flip around
and move it next to my belly
Alas, my sweet, I have been working out
So it is no longer soft like jelly

If your lips get cold,
well, around you must turn
For those, you must warm only on my lips
be careful, that may burn

Yes a teeshirt is all you need tonight
to make sure your sleep is swell
and if indeed you need further warmed up
don’t worry, I won’t tell