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September Morn

By tom On Friday, September 01 st, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

September Morn — Sept. 1, 2017
© 2017/TomSquitieri

Such middle of the night love
Is so powerful indeed
The desire so aches, the heart guides touch
Unshackled and so free

I love you all the time and then some times even more
When I wake and see your eyes looking at me
in my mind my heart says “there” and my smile sings ” stay”
There is only us, only we

We dance and we gaze, we look and we smile,
we touch and we melt to the warmth of our passion
We soar, we sing, we dance, we skip
This rare love will always be in fashion

I believed in you forever
Even before we met
There is no darkness on this launch
Our love, ‘tis the perfect bet

This is a magic like no other
The feed of your smile and the dreams you light
The dance of my energy, uncorked at last
Around and in you so tight

There is no darkness on this launch
the ship churns through rough and smooth
Another night of our dreams and another beautiful morning
Where desire dances and delights with movement and muse

You are like yeast to me
the rise of love is such a thrill
Holding you close, then closer then more
lovers wrapped like pretzels

The only aphrodisiac I need is your senses
that taste that salty as the sea
Without words I use my mind to tell the tale of us
sailing as only us, only we

We will always dance in the nights
souls connected in the darkness behind the stars
Can’t you hear the salient tunes, whisper in the night?
Take my hand, we shall go far

My precious flower and spice of my dreams and heart
How we will collaborate, create and thrive
you are still sleeping but I will be waking you soon
And only then will I be alive

Rest for now, sweet love
Slumber, dream and snooze
Then when you wake, life’s bounty will unveil
and then, it’s just which table we will choose