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Our Baby Will Have Brown Hair, Of Course

By tom On Wednesday, October 11 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

Our baby will have brown hair, of course, Oct. 11, 2017
© 2017/TomSquitieri

Our baby will have brown hair, of course
Of this I am quite clear
it will shimmer and glow, be envied and be bright
and mesmerize from there to here

Our baby will have a melting smile, of course
between a devil and a queen
For powering that smile is one hell of a heart
to laugh, to love, to steam

Our baby’s eyes will be oh so brown, of course
with possibly a hazel twinkle
they will pierce, they will laugh and have so such wisdom
and with their gaze, the love they will sprinkle

I am sure our baby’s nose will be
like yours, so strong and magical and bold
Except the chin and maybe dimples can be mine
Thus a face, quite special to behold

Our baby’s skin will be olive, of course
Our genes would have it no other way
like precious metal, it will radiate health and warmth
and of course, on the sunny beach it can play

Someday soon our baby will speak, of course
and oh will that be our treat
Knowing our love for food and kitchen
the first words could be “What’s to eat?”

The cries of course will be painful and sad
how else would combined anguish sound?
Yet the combination laugh our baby will have
Guarantees joy in the world unbound

How could our baby be anything but
the perfect combination of the best of us two
because that child gets launched with the most highest of love
that’s the one between me and you