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On Your Tiptoes

By tom On Tuesday, October 08 th, 2019 · no Comments · In Poems ,Writing

(Published in The Griffin’s Inkspot)
I did not mean to wake you
As I tasted my morning lover
That coffee
The gurgling of the pot loud enough
To stir
From afar

You come to taste
And get on your tip toes
Of course,
you do not need to be on them
to sip coffee
As you wake
But now those lips for the coffee elixir
Put them very nicely even with mine

Does that make our lips meet?
Will your nipples brush my chest?
Or the tip of my new hardness
trace your tummy?

to begin with you in
The morning
Is a bonus

Now of course
anything else that happens today
Is merely secondary

Detain me please
With your arms and legs

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