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Ode to Anna on the Beach

By tom On Tuesday, November 08 th, 2011 · no Comments · In Ads and Adds ,Writing

Anna readtliner notes for a 2012 calendar.

“The beach shimmers in many ways, especially when Anna is there. The sky and waters and sand are more brilliant in their colors and their calliope. The sea foam applauds, the waves crash like cymbals in an orchestra.

“It is impossible not to feel happy on Gilgo Beach when Anna is there. She may be far from view, but the energy and shimmering exudes.  It cannot be bottled. It is living poetry of the beach.

“And then are her photos – again, impossible not to succumb. Anticipation can be dangerous, it can raise expectations. Yet there it is: her already cyren smile becomes more incandescent, her elegance and demeanor meld with mirth, as there is no distinction between her and nature.

“Alas, our only enemy is the sand….

“Brush it off for us please…”

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