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Next To Me, Always

By tom On Sunday, April 30 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

Next to Me, Always — April 30
© 2017/TomSquitieri

There are special moments every day
when I pause and all I think about anew
is waking up at the same time, together
We smile, we kiss, as you pull me tight to you

A day that starts like that
Is better than all the others
For smiles means love, and kisses seal the deal
both above and under the covers

Being next to me is the key
whether in body or in thoughts
for when you are next to me so true
nothing else needs to be sought

I so wish to take you to fabulous places
so we can embrace laughter and life
To be where water is clear and skies explode with stars
where the only thing foreign is strife

Like eruptions on Stromboli,
my love explodes deep inside
Yet it is on Alicudi and Filicudi
where just us two shall hide

Next to me is the rule, I insist
and forgive my making a demand
And oh yes, there is one more thing
I must always hold your hand

The special moment came this morning
and here is comes again right now
I stop to savor both the chill and heat
coursing from toe to brow

Do not dismiss this love of mine
or discard me far out of reach
See my smile in the morning, taste my  kiss on your body
I am the one to keep