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New defense doctrine: Be strategically predictable but operationally unpredictable

By tom On Friday, January 19 th, 2018 · no Comments · In And more news stories ,News stories ,Writing

WASHINGTON — Creative approaches, sustained investment and being disciplined and adaptive in execution mark the foundation of the Pentagon’s National Defense Strategy unveiled Friday.

In some cases, it is the longtime mantra of “everything old is new again.” In other cases, the strategy document reflects new thinking, new terminology and 21st century realities.

For example, “expand the Indo-Pacific alliances and partnerships” reflects the new emphasis of cultivating India as a robust economic and military partner, in order to project India’s democracy across southern Asia as on offset to China.

That is new. At the same time, “fortifying the Trans-Atlantic NATO alliance” is an embrace of the old, recognizing that the longtime alliance has worked at checking the Soviet Union and needs clear support to continue to deter “Russian adventurism” and terrorism. Now, however the U.S. is asking allies to fulfill their financial and personnel commitments.

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