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French Girls Smoking Cigarettes

By tom On Saturday, May 30 th, 2020 · no Comments · In Writing

French Girls Smoking Cigarettes

The Stardust Review,

  • By: Tom Squitieri

    When they light up

    They look up

    And I make sure

    I see those eyes

    As they inhale

    They draw deeply

    The smoke

    And their eyes

    Go deeply

    Into mine

    The French girls

    Are not sure

    Where I am from

    Or who I am

    But they pause

    Between early puffs

    And talk

    Sweet soft French

    I search for my


    Pack of cigarettes

    Feign frustration

    Until one offers

    A Gitane to me

    A smile both ways

    Needs no translation

    Jeans and heels and flowing

    blouses rise

    As the Gitane makes its

    Way to my table

    The French girls smoking


    Carefully remind me of the best way

    To light a smoke

    As they strike the match,

    Take the first puff on full lips

    Then hand me the cigarette

    With its lipstick

    In return, I remind them

    Of things

    They once thought about,

    With now the matches in my hand

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