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Dance Music In Your Ear

By tom On Saturday, June 17 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

Dance Music In Your Ear — June 17
© 2017/TomSquitieri

We dance to the music I hum in your ear
There is no mistaking my tune
You tease with yes eyes, then offer no lips
while my knees just buckle and swoon

Yet now new blood dances with old skills
And no lips are not so scary
Beach power and passion join words that sing
To make my heart smart and merry

Tell me again that you feel that way
That my parts make you happy and delightful
Tell me again before it’s my turn to speak
About the rush I will give you beyond full

A true warrior’s journey into the nature of reality
Has him holding his love deeply and tight
There is no compromise needed when heart, head and soul
become one and fully unite

She will leave bed later perhaps to join in the morning sun
Or perhaps write from far away
Or fall asleep on your chest, happy and safe
Or let you hold her standing, to your whisper songs as you sway

It’s not a summer love that will go away
Nor something on the rebound
It is the gift given to yourself
I was lost and now I am found