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China’s Olympic Promise on Press Freedom

By tom On Tuesday, February 14 th, 2012 · no Comments · In Writing

The Chinese government has sentenced writer Li Tie to 10 years imprisonment for his online articles, in which he urged respect for ordinary citizens, called for democracy and political reform, and urged basic human rights. Journalists around the world have noted with sorrow — but not surprise — this incredibly harsh and hypocritical decision.

That any citizen should be put on trial for embracing universal and civilized human rights is clearly outrageous. In the case of the Chinese government, it is once again a reminder of the foolishness of the world to believe anything they say — let alone promise — in regards to seeking to improve or change the pathetic and perilous promulgation of that government’s fists that exist to beat down free press, free expression and human dignity.

Years before China won the right to stage the Olympics, the government promised to enact reforms for personal freedoms and to reduce its harsh human rights crackdowns. Now, in yet another true test of such an effort, China has harshly and brutally sentenced a journalist to 10 years imprisonment for doing the very things it promised to permit.

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