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Bipartisanship and the quixotic quest for an olive branch

By tom On Thursday, January 29 th, 2015 · no Comments · In Blog Postings ,Writing

At the end of January, the lost remains of Miguel de Cervantes, best known to many as the author of Don Quixote, were found.

In that great novel, Quixote is the self-imagined knight who sets out to restore chivalry to a modern world. The novel inspired the phrases “tilting at windmills” and “quixotic” for the knight’s seemingly impossible quests to make things better.

So in a bow to Cervantes, here is a charge at a windmill in the form of returning bipartisanship to Capitol Hill. Two seemingly disparate phrases will serve as the steed and lance in the gallop towards this quest: “Peter Franchot” and “infrastructure.”

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