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As I Wait For You To Be Ready

By tom On Tuesday, October 10 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Poems ,The Best Last Kiss ,Writing

As I Wait For You To Be Ready, Oct. 10, 2017
© 2017/TomSquitieri

The stillness now camouflages the fire
the wind picks up on the summer heat all morning
there will be swirl and whirl soon, it just is not clear when
but when it comes, the day will be robust and real, strong and sensitive
it will be like us.

You are to come today and I cannot even wait a second.  I keep thinking of you on my Vespa as we search for a picnic spot, Then tonight at the fun dance in the park. I know you are probably sleeping but I wanted to say hello as this first cup is poured, the cool morning on the deck is bracing and it would be perfect for you right now…

I carried you with me in my dreams
even closer than normal last night
Now I am pointing my happiness to you this early morning
with rising smiles, the full embrace of life and hugs quite tight

Come take my energy and dance, as our song sounds better together.
Feel the dual entries of heat. the coffee in my mouth and thoughts of you, my queen
You will sleep and I will quietly look, waiting for the smell of the coffee to stir you.
and then I should bring the caffeine

My lover’s song is sweet and soft,
It’s music as the nectar of the dew
When I sing, I sing so coded and clear,
because it’s only to be heard by you

Once I jumped out of an airplane
and the quiet and stillness seized me
When I finally moved, I looked around and down
Beneath me birds flew freely

That is the leap I do for you
a gleeful plunge into your arms
Yes I have, with open eyes, true heart,
daring brain, yearning body, falling together safely with no harm

I love you all the time
and then much more than night and day
when I wake and see your eyes looking at me
My heart says “there” and my smile sings “”stay”

Our embraces will always be tender and sweet.
your eyes will look with love to me as our lips draw near,
then I will feel the warmth and love and desire and oneness when they meet.
Again, the message is clear

The bumps I get from the chilly morning air all over my body
will be replaced by the surge of heat that only can occur when we two are one

It actually is only crickets now. I am recapturing my dream and making it happen as if it were now.  I bring you coffee, take your body and hold its skin next to mine, and we dance.

I will go on the deck with my coffee and look in your direction, hoping to pull you here. The smells of our skin and the taste of your body is made for morning, and for forever.

You are coming today and will be here soon.
I look to the sky and just laugh at the full moon.

My breathing quickens as the thoughts rise
and I tell the sun to wait.
We have much to share in the pre-dawn dark.
come here do not hesitate.