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24 hours, always

By tom On Wednesday, July 26 th, 2017 · no Comments · In Writing

24 hours, always — July 26, 2017
© 2017/TomSquitieri

There is no wake up from the the dreams I have of you
They course through the day, through the slight moments and the raging passion
I breathlessly wait to hear from you, to see you, to imagine being with you
Now I wear this love, this lust, this burning, as my fashion

On a morning like this – so perfect in sunlight and temperature, and smells
I wait with quiet groans  for you to come to me
To sit on my lap so we can kiss, to feel me against you,
I pull over your shirt so we hold each other as close as possible, and for all the world to see.

Redness is the rule yet we push forward
the colors of joy spread through us for hours
You laugh at my plight, thinking craving you all day and night
Each day, I become more under your power

Will I survive this day, seining you in each eye and smile, knee and tummy
The Herculean effort I must force to do the other things that call
It is pure and true and real, and we both know it, feel it and desire it.
Twenty-four hours, always, it’s time we have it all

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