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Basil Smells in the Air — Feb. 30
© 2017/TomSquitieri

I know the right tasting Chicken Kiev
is the secret to this Russian mess
If only I had the right recipe
I would get them all to confess

Food is the key to unlocking some thoughts
It tells the truth and gets one to talk
Create the right smells, serve up the right tastes
and no longer will the intended’s mouth balk

Yet the right dish it must be
to even start the tongue dancing
and it must be even more real and special
To set a heart romancing

The pretenders once plied me
with beef stroganoff, as if that would work
But my tongue remain silent and unimpressed
My taste buds are no dork

The wisdom of Solomon
easily defined cuisine class
and when it comes to a meat dish
boeuf bourguignon kicks all ass.

For any dish start with basil, and let its smell capture the air
It works well in each recipe and on every plate
If you start with that, each nose you shall capture
The mouth follows soon, and then culinary consummate

Rosemary is another, as are dill, thyme, curry and ginger
Bring guests to the kitchen, let the teasing smells loom
Have a sample for their mouths
They are a prisoner to your room

And then, the dance of kitchen
can being in its glory
He, she or they will bask
in your culinary stories

Each taste bud will rise
each nostril will roar
Feed them the right dish
and love, words and truth will just soar

The reality is the each spice and herb
Is like that one unique person’s seasonings
When you find that perfect combination
Embracing needs no reasoning.

So thanks for the idea
of what may give your taste glee
Please, come into my kitchen
And cook, cook, cook with me