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Is This Them? — April 2
© 2017/TomSquitieri

“Is this them” the store clerk asked
As we walked back in the door
The shop owner nodded and smiled our way
We were already stuff of lore

We’d been there just minutes before
Trying on hats while stars danced in our eyes
She chatted to everyone as my happiness soared
It was a joy one could not buy

For twenty-seven years I thought of her
She was my first and deepest crush
We stayed in touch, and we never let go
A beam of light in a world of mush

So finally life got tired of our stalling
and gave us a forceful shove
The plan brought her from far away
To see, right now, if we were in love

To those who saw me for these four days
The way my face was bright
The way my laugh made everyone smile
The way the world was so right

And if it was not clear to me
It was to all others around
And certainly to the Eastern Market shop owner
Who saw two hearts unbound

We had entered her shop and looked around
debated purchases and then went outside
But once on the street, we changed our minds
and went back with a deliberate stride

It was hardly minutes we were gone
Yet in the brief intermission
The shop owner has told her colleague what she saw
Of how our silent love was on a mission

And she was right, oh so right,
and I know it much more today
I’m driving from the airport as she flies home
She must return promptly, no delay

Oh somewhere guys are wondering
If they will ever find the one
There is no doubt in Eastern Market land
This guy has clearly won