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The Fire Patch and Sunflowers — April 28
© 2017/TomSquitieri

In a field reflecting the morning sun’s rays
the sunflowers grasp my eyes
They urge me to come, to pedal much harder
It’s all waiting, just over the rise

The fire patch has a burn of its own
There is no way to stop once it has me
Yet why would I seek to do such a thing
when the red is the color I see

I felt like we found each other again last night
This time with wise caution, and hearts
We talk some more, and then you retreat.
Frustrating in fits and starts

I peddle some more, my fortitude rising
There will be no detours this chance
You remember the rapture and will feel us again
as we show the world this amazing romance

I am not giving up until every, every day
I feel her chin in my neck
When I can look in her eyes and trigger her smile
and yes, get those kisses direct

We both remember the important moments together
then help each other fill in the spots
and always she knows that I am still the only one
who really connected her dots

I never stopped loving her
and with each year, so grew larger the miss
I waited and hoped, prayed and imagined
and after years we had one more kiss

Now the fire patch has me complete
As the muscles groan and the pedals obey
I see her hair dancing as she waits in the sunflowers
I bike furiously to where she lay

But there she is not, the dream curtail closes
the long return journey to ensue
Perhaps at home, caffeinated kisses await from the morning brew
Oh my fire patch, I must have you